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Culture & Career

Experience diverse of Boditech Med’s employee benefit programs and Explore new opportunities to work with us!


Boditech Med is providing employee benefit programs for well-being, supportive network relationship, and recreational activities to enhance its working environment for individual and organizational development.

Healthy Life

  • Sports Accommodation

    Sports program and facilities in the club house (with shower rooms) such as tennis court, futsal court, table tennis court, gym, screen golf, etc., with free lessons provision.

  • In-house Club

    Enjoy different leisure activities such as soccer, badminton, table tennis, bowling, mountaineering and other pleasurable pastime interests.

  • Medical Assistance Support

    Regular company health checkups and general insurance application assistance.

Work and Life Balance

  • Daytime Supervision

    Daycare Center in the workplace for nursery, preschool, and primary schoolers which provides wide scope of education including English Classes with native speakers and seasonal camp activities.

  • Parental Protection Support

    Benefits for parental satisfaction such as maternity leave, parental leave, etc., procedures in compliance with legislation, including childbirth support funds.

  • Recreational Amenity Pleasure

Good Working Environment

  • Cafeteria

    Savor various western and eastern fusion dishes and authentic Korean cuisine every day gratis.

  • Shuttle Bus and Accommodation Services

    Provides Shuttle Bus Services within the allocated area and suited dormitories for employee’s accommodation.

  • Loan Aid Support

    Low-interest loan assistance with affiliated financial institutions.

Altogether Better

  • Personal-Development Facilitation

    Provides online and offline self-development training program including work training procedures and different language lessons.

  • Graduate School Support

    50% tuition fee assistance for graduate school and Master of Business Administration in specified universities within the vicinity.