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Culture & Career

Experience diverse of Boditech Med’s employee benefit programs and Explore new opportunities to work with us!


The company is providing support for the employees’ health, family-friend relationship and cultural leisure support and to build a good rapport in the working environment for personal and organizational development.

Healthy Life

  • Sport Facilities

    Club house (with shower facilities) such as tennis court, futsal court, table tennis court, gym, screen golf, etc., with free lessons.

  • In-house Club

    Support for in-house clubs (activities such as soccer, badminton, table tennis, bowling, mountaineering, etc.)

  • Medical Support

    Company health checkup and accident insurance subscription.

Harmonious Family

  • Daycare Centers

    Support for daycare children for nursery, preschool, and elementary students (English Classes with native speakers and seasonal camp programs)

  • Pregnancy, Birth

    Maternity leave, parental leave, etc., compliance with legal matters, childbirth support funds.

  • Recreational Facilities & Venue

    Use of resort facilities and venue at a discounted price through a contract partner companies.

Good Work Environment

  • Cafeteria

    Serves Fresh ingredients and delicious full meal free of charge.

  • Free shuttle bus & Accommodation

    Provides dormitories and accommodation for the employee’s convenience.

  • Loan Support

    Low-interest loan support for affiliated financial institutions.

Grow as a Whole

  • Personal Development Support

    Provide in-house language courses.

  • Graduate School Support

    50% tuition assistance for graduate school and MBA through connection with nearby universities.