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Improving life
with innovative In-Vitro Diagnostic solution

Through continual challenges and changes, we would like to contribute to the healthy life by making the best products in the world that anyone can trust and use anytime, anywhere.
We also aim to create unique values by focusing on research and development with faith to become a world leading company in the field of In-Vitro diagnostics.

Boditech Med has always taken one step forward with the rapid changes in the IVD market to meet customers' needs.

Boditech Med’s Solution

Diverse test makers with a small amount of sample volume

  • Available markers for Cardiac, Cancer, COVID-19, Diabetes, Hormone, Infection, Autoimmune, Biological Therapy Monitoring, Molecular Diagnostics, Others
  • Biological Therapy Monitoring, Molecular Diagnostics, Others Required only small volume of sample

A quick, easy, and simplified operation with high-performance

  • Sample preparation is unnecessary
  • Industry-leading performance with unparallel reliability

Extensible platform for the future with cost-effective system

  • Enabling to provide more than 80 test items
  • Minimized operation fee with all-inclusive package

Record of Innovations

Tech Value

R&D Center


Based on international quality management system(ISO 13485, KGMP, MDSAP), Boditech Med provides high-quality products to our customers across the world.

  • 333 CE
  • 5 FDA
  • 63 ANVISA

Sales Network

105 Countries

We’ll Find the Best Solution For You

73,000+ of analyzer installation
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