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Training program

Practical. Proactive. Professional.

About Training Program

Boditech Med qualifies our global network dealers by providing opportunities to attend training sessions via on/off-line throughout the year as well as on-location training to install, operate, and maintain a wide range of products for immunology and molecular diagnostic applications.

Product Training

  • Classroom-based training at Boditech HQ
  • Regular offline-based product technical training
  • Practical demonstrations for installation, setup and troubleshooting of systems

Field Training

  • Hosting training session for customer, distribution partners, and end users at the site
  • Providing (or Delivering) practical skills for multiple field engineers
  • Reducing training travel costs and time

Product Webinars

  • Monthly-based product and technical webinars targeting distribution partners
  • Providing product overview, key features, and benefit of each product for technical service engineers
  • Hosting webinar based on flexible time zones for user convenient

Benefits to Partners

  • Comprehensive understanding about Boditech Med products
  • Acquiring a variety of technical skills for supporting customer’s needs (Basic / Advanced)
  • Building Well-organized internal training system