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Learn more about the latest Boditech Med Solution with our experts.

About Webinars

Boditech Med webinars introduce and educate the latest solutions with internal experts. We provide diverse training webinars as well. The webinars are organized with flexible time zones. Below you can find upcoming webinar schedules with a link to register to attend and can see our previous webinars. Come and join our webinar to get meaningful insights of our solutions.

Upcoming Webinars

  • Long COVID; a parallel pandemic

    Unraveling the Interplay of Sequelae, Reinfections, & Cardiovascular Injury

  • Novel biomarker for differentiating bacterial and viral infection: Myxovirus resistance protein A(MxA)

    To support world antimicrobial awareness week 2022, Boditech Med holds a webinar for alarming antibiotic resistance and introducing a novel biomarker for differentiating bacterial and viral infections.

Highlight Webinars

  • Introduction of new AFIAS system, "AFIAS-10"

    Automated High-throughput Immunoassay Analyzer with blood collection tube, including all-in-one cartridge system

  • COVID-19 & Cardiovascular Disease

    Two Pandemics: Collision and Chain Reaction

  • Beyond COVID-19, Your Next Normal

    Introduction of New in-vitro Diagnostic Solutions 2022

Past Webinars

  • Topic: Beyond COVID-19, Your Next Normal

  • Topic: Post COVID-19 tuberculosis

  • Topic: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) of Biologics

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