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Supporting to diagnose viral and/or bacterial infection

MxA(Myxovirus resistance protein A) is an intracellular blood protein that mediates cellular resistance against a wide range of viruses and elevates in the presence of most acute active viral infections. The level of CRP (C-reactive protein) elevates in the wide status of inflammation and even higher in bacterial infections. The MxA/CRP combo test assists diagnose viral & bacterial infections by measuring virus-specific markers and CRP simultaneously.

Diagnosis diseases
Identification of viral and/or bacterial infection

Available Instruments

About Using Reagent

  • Sample Types

    Whole blood
  • Reaction Time

    12 mins
  • Detection Range

    MxA: 10.0-300.0 ng/mL, CRP: 1.0-200mg/L
  • Indication

    Viral infection, Bacterial infection, Viral-bacterial co-infection, Infection exclusion

In Your Medical Field

Viral and bacterial respiratory infections are the leading cause of morbidity, mortality, and medical costs, and are the cause of prescription most of the antimicrobials. However, 50% of antibiotics prescribed for acute respiratory infections are unnecessary, and misuse and/or overuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance, one of the global health crises. There is a lack of sensitive and specific diagnostic solutions for differentiating bacterial and viral infections in primary and emergency care settings. MxA/CRP testing can help prevent the overuse and/or misuse of antibiotics more quickly and effectively by differentiating bacterial and viral infections.

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