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Measuring the level of ST2 in blood for prognosis of heart failure

ST2 signals the presence and severity of adverse cardiac remodeling and tissue fibrosis, which occurs in response to myocardial infarction, acute coronary syndrome, or worsening heart failure. This test provides prognostic information, which is independent of other biomarkers used to probe the cardiac event.

Diagnosis diseases
Heart Failure
  • CE 0123
  • ANVISA ichroma™

About Using Reagent

  • Sample Types

    whole blood, plasma, serum
  • Reaction Time

    12 mins
  • Detection Range

    AFIAS (3.1 – 200 ng/ml)
    ichroma™ (3.1 – 200 ng/ml)
  • Indication

    Heart failure, Severity of the HF

In Your Medical Field

ST2 would prove itself in emergency rooms as clinicians can check the blood ST2 level in 12 minutes to study the severity of heart failure.