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H.pylori SA

Screening infections in the gastrointestinal tract

H. pylori SA is an antigen produced by the immune system to cope with the H.Pylori infection. The level of the antigen examined through the stool serves as a more reliable indicator of the infection than by the one via a blood test, which does not tell if the infection is still active.

  • CE ichroma™
  • ANVISA ichroma™

Available Instruments

About Using Reagent

  • Sample Types

    Human feces
  • Reaction Time

    12 mins (ichroma™)
  • Detection Range

    Qualitative output
  • Indication

    Chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers conditions, duodenal ulcers, stomach cancer etc

In Your Medical Field

It is designed to be POC compatible, enabling a physician to make the diagnostics on-site, without the lengthy delay with the conventional test. With the immediate result on hand, the clinician can deliver diagnostics and treatment plans in the shortest time possible to maximize the patient's convenience.