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Screening to support diagnosis of Mycoplasma infection

Mycoplasma infection can cause acute pneumonia along with complications through the upper respiratory infection. One needs specific antibiotic treatment, and this requires precise identification of the mycoplasma from a pool of pathogens. The mycoplasma kit detects mycoplasma to help with the patients’ recovery.

Diagnosis diseases
Mycoplasma infection, Mycoplasma pneumonia
  • CE ichroma™

About Using Reagent

  • Sample Types

    throat swab
  • Reaction Time

    10 mins
  • Detection Range

    Qualitative output
  • Indication

    Mycoplasma infection, Mycoplasma pneumonia

In Your Medical Field

Mycoplasma is highly contagious and can be dangerous for the elderly and children. One needs specific antibiotics for the treatment. Mycoplasma tests will help clinicians with the diagnosis and the treatment planning against Mycoplasma by providing an early diagnosis.