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Assessing to diagnosis & to monitor thyroid diseases(T3)

This test assesses the level of T3 in the blood to diagnose thyroid dysfunction, help to receive appropriate treatment, and help to confirm the treatment effect through periodic measurement.

  • CE
  • ANVISA ichroma™

About Using Reagent

  • Sample Types

    plasma, serum
  • Reaction Time

    AFIAS 10 mins, ichroma 16 mins
  • Detection Range

    AFIAS (0.77 – 7.7 nmol/ml)
    ichroma™ (0.77 – 7.7 nmol/ml)
  • Indication

    Hyperthyroidism, Thyroid nodule, Multinodular goiter, Graves' disease

Available Accessory

In Your Medical Field

It helps to diagnose thyroid dysfunction and receive appropriate treatment by quantifying T3 in blood in small & medium hospitals and helps to confirm the treatment effect through periodic measurement along with other thyroid markers (T4, TSH).