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Norovirus (Noro)

Detecting the norovirus from the stool sample

The active norovirus spreads through contaminated drinking water and related food sources and can cause mass food poisoning. ichromaTM & AFIAS ROTA test can deliver rapid diagnostics in an easy-to-use format even in field clinics to help curtail the spread of the infectious disease.

Diagnosis diseases
Norovirus Gastroenteritis
  • CE

About Using Reagent

  • Sample Types

  • Reaction Time

    12 mins
  • Detection Range

    AFIAS (0-200 COI)
    ichroma™ (0-200 COI)
  • Indication

    Acute gastroenteritis, Norovirus gastroenteritis

In Your Medical Field

Infections by the norovirus can spread to the community fast and can be a serious health hazard that requires an immediate response. Confirmation by ELISA or PCR takes hours and days depending on the clinical support structure. ichromaTM & AFIAS ROTA test can deliver the test result in 12 minutes without the PCR, which makes them an ideal choice for field clinics and care service providers for the elderly.

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