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NuActor & Viral RNA extraction kit

An automated & ready-to-use RNA extraction kit

This kit comes in a ready-to-use cartridge to extract viral RNA. Samples are placed in the cartridge before it is placed in the NuActor. The system then takes care of the rest to extract highly purified viral RNA automatically.

  • CE

Available Instruments

About Using Reagent

  • Sample Types

    Human blood (serum/plasma) & Swab (VTM, UTM)
  • Reaction Time

    15 mins
  • Sample Volume

    100μl (Extract)
  • Indication


In Your Medical Field

This kit, working with NuActor, extracts high-purity virus RNA from human blood (serum/plasma) and respiratory swab samples (VTM, UTM) with a self-contained cartridge.