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Boditech Med received the Minister of Health and Welfare Award

We are delighted to announce the news that Boditech Med’s daycare center, named ‘Gtech Village’ received the Minister of Health and Welfare Award as a top daycare program from the Korea Edu-care Association.

Located in Chuncheon, Gtech Village has started in 2014. All of us at Boditech Med love this center as it has been very helpful to build better working environment for women workers and to improve their work efficiency.

The reason why this award was more meaningful for us is that Gtech Village created and developed a daycare program for infants. The program entitled “Living with Nature” encourages infants to have interest in nature and to get used to commune with nature with diverse play programs.

We believe that this program would be a great opportunity for the infants to recognize how nature coexist with humans in general and to build proper value with right attitude.

In addition, it is undeniable that Gtech Village is one of the best employee benefit programs in Boditech Med as it provides English courses with native English-only speaking teachers and specialized programs for during summer or winter vacation.