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Boditech Med has acquired export license for two Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) diagnostic kits

We are excited to announce that Boditech Med has acquired the export license for AFIAS products for TDM, AFIAS Free Anti-Infliximab and AFIAS Free Anti-Trastuzumab. These two products are used to monitor Anti-drug antibody (ADA) which can inhibit the performance of therapeutic antibody drugs.

TDM is mainly applied for measuring the concentration of drugs in the body after treatment and the concentration of ADA for the monitoring of efficacy. As the paradigm for medication has been shifting from chemical synthesized pharmaceutical therapy to biopharmaceuticals therapy for the targeted therapy, TDM market has been expanding dramatically.

These two approved products can be expected to increase the efficacy of the target drug, reduce side effects, and save medical costs through the monitoring of the level of ADA.

AFIAS Free Anti-Infliximab is used for the TDM of Infliximab which ranks second in global sales in the TNF-α inhibitor market. Last December, we obtained the export license of two types of TDM products for Infliximab (AFIAS Total Anti-Infliximab, AFIAS Infliximab), we established the whole panel for the Infliximab TDM products.

AFIAS Free Anti-Trastuzumab is used for the TDM of Trastuzumab which can be treated for breast cancer and lung cancer. As each regional patent has expired gradually, various pharmaceutical companies such as Celltrion, Samsung Bioepis, etc. have been launched biosimilar products for Trastuzumab and expanded their sales promotion.

A company official said, "TDM products for TNF-α are continuously launched. Boditech Med has focused on the development of TDM products for anti-cancer drugs which market is growing fast. The anti-cancer drug market is rapidly emerging as a blue chip in the pharmaceutical industry, recording an annual growth rate of around 10%. It is the first case for the obtaining an export license of TDM product for Trastuzumab. We expect that the other TDM products for Bevacizumab and Rituximab, which are called Troika in the anti-cancer market including Trastuzumab, will be launched soon”.