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Boditech Med has received the export license of AFIAS Adalimumab testing kit

We are pleasured to announce that Boditech Med’s AFIAS Adalimumab has obtained the export license. It is a TDM (Therapeutic drug monitoring) diagnostic kit, AFIAS Adalimumab, that measures the blood concentration of adalimumab which is used for autoimmune treatment.

Adalimumab is the ingredient name of Humira, the representative drug of AbbVie, a large American pharmaceutical company, and is a product group that generates more than 17 billion USD in annual sales worldwide. The patent of Humira had expired in 2018 in Europe and will expire in 2023 in the US market. Global biosimilar companies such as Celltrion, Samsung Biologics, and Amgen are accelerating their entry into the market.

AFIAS Adalimumab is a point-of-care (POCT) diagnostic kit that measures the blood concentration of adalimumab. It is optimized for personalized medicine as it allows you to check the patient's condition right before administering the antibody treatment and make a prescription on the spot. Most of the existing commercialized test products are ELISA products, which have the disadvantage that it takes 2-3 weeks for the test results to come out after the patient's blood is collected. The product launched by Boditech Med can check the test result within 10 minutes using whole blood at the place visited.

A company official said, "Boditech Med carries forward a business plan with the TDM diagnostic market for customized treatment as the next driving force in the antibody treatment market. In December of last year, TDM diagnostic products for the autoimmune treatment Infliximab were launched, and product supply is in full swing. In addition, the development of TDM diagnostic kits for various autoimmune and chemotherapy is in progress.”