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Performance Validation of Boditech Med's AFIAS D-dimer in Thrombosis Research Journal

 We're pleased to share that a recent study on Point-of-Care (POC) D-dimer testing, conducted in the Netherlands, has highlighted the exceptional performance of Boditech Med's AFIAS system.

 Published in the esteemed Thrombosis Research Journal with an Impact Factor of 10, the research found minimal differences in device performance comparison during venous plasma (Venus Plasma) measurements. However, AFIAS demonstrated superior results in correlating capillary whole blood and venous plasma D-dimer values within the same patients.

 For further details, please refer to the full study through this link: Are the latest point-of-care D-dimer devices ready for use in general practice? A prospective clinical evaluation of five test systems with a capillary blood feature for suspected venous thromboembolism 

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