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Boditech Med, ichroma™/AFIAS COVID-19 nAb is approved by ANVISA in Brazil

Boditech Med's S-protein-specific antibody diagnostic kit (ichroma™COVID-19 nAb COVID-19 nAb) was approved for product registration by ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária; Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency) in Brazil on the 1st March.

The S-protein-specific antibody diagnostic kit is the most reliable means to determine the level of antibody immune system generation after COVID-19 vaccination, and demand can be expected to expand as vaccination expanded worldwide. ANVISA registration of diagnostic products is an essential procedure for entering and expanding the Brazilian and Latin American markets. As the Brazilian market is one of Boditech Med's most important markets, we expected that we built up corner stone to develop continuous sales even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

A company official said, “The approval of this S-protein-specific antibodies diagnostic kit is expected to serve as an crucial momentum to enhance the market dominance of Boditech Med in Latin America, including Brazil. We can say that COVID-19 antibody, and antigen diagnostic kits contributed to the sales and the expansion of new device last year and we expect synergy effects of the three products including S-protein-specific antibodies detection kit this year.”