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Announcing extension of production capacity

Boditech Med is officially announced that it is planning to expand its production capacity by building new production facility near by new R&D center.

Boditech Med is officially announced the new real estate contract for extension of its production capacity by building new production facility near by the new R&D center. It will be 1350㎡ wide in land area 4 story high with 2930㎡ total floor area including lower ground floor one.

Through the new contract, it is expected that Boditech Med will increase its production capacity by two times comparing current capacity. The production capacity of instruments and cartridges could be up to 30,000+ and 100,000,000+, respectively by end of 2021. And, we will provide 150,000,000 of cartridges per year by end of 2022. Also, we are planning to use two floors as cartridge production connecting to the new R&D center.   

A company official said, “We’ve installed more than 10,000 of our instruments all over the world in 2020. It is true that the needs of our reliable In-Vitro Diagnostic solutions have been increasing continuously and as our new business for the post COVID-19 is going well, it’s a great opportunity for us to strengthen our production capacity. According to the spread of delta variant, the confirmed cases of COVID-19 has been constantly increasing. It is expected that COVID-19 related sales will generate more revenues steadily. And, as our COVID-19 neutralizing antibody diagnostic test kit acquired expert license, we are planning to supply the kit in 3Q all over the world.”